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24-07-2020 Weekly ZL/VK Winlink Check-in

Well this week that 4 letter work that gets in the way of fum kicked me down and I am very late getting this done for which I apoligise.

We had some great check-in’s this week from around the place. Glad to see that people giving it a good go. I will be away for the first part of the week in August and will have my portable with me to send off some portable comm’s and get some photo’s of the setup etc. Will post a report on the operation.

This weeks check-in’s are

Neil M0KNC worked through the satellite over EU and wrote an article a while ago for anyone that did’t see it on how to make it work, @ If your interested you should go check it out.

We also had Frank VK4FLR check-in from Zilzie /EMU Park Central Qld Capricorn Coast and he is enjoying the 20mm of rain. That’s a great outcome, hopefully some of the west and south west get some good falls as well. Well done on your setup with the 80m Loop antenna.

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