Fox Hunt, first in 2021

I put this out there for peoples interest. We would run a fox hunt on the 17th January if people are interested.

The first Fox Hunt we ran at the end of 2020 was small but a great success and everyone enjoyed the quick bit of fun.

We are happy to run one again, same idea, anywhere from Crossroads to Campbelltown along the M5 Corridor somewhere announced on the morning of the event at 8am on the Fishers Ghost repeater.

We are going to try and run one every month and would like to build a leader board. Just as a bit of fun. It’s still the same thing, this is for fun and not a race. NO SPEEDING or breaking the traffic laws allowed.

If your interested let us know info AT arrg DOT club

4 replies on “Fox Hunt, first in 2021”

Thanks for the fun outing today. I haven’t done fox hunting in a long time. I hope to participate next time too!

73 de vk2icj


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