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New year, New Things

John Moyle Field Day this year we are looking at having a Massive Fox hunt along with some other stuff playing Radios for all and some.

More Fox Hunts as we start to get our Work(bad word) rosters sorted out and can make it happen on a more programmed basis.

Making more time for Training and Development, especially the youth to make sure the Future Leaders in Amateur Radio have a great start.

Keep out watch for what is coming, we will post more as time comes along.

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Repeaters on HF could they be useful?
On the website is sourcecode for “freebeacon” a “reverse”
beacon, 99% of a half-duplex repeater, so I added the code and run it
on 18.118 USB mode 700E. Every “blue moon” a ham triggers it and comments, this is great, then another few years pass by!!
I can do any HF band 40m to 15m and modes 700D and 700E.
Hardware: Raspberry Pi (look-alike), FT897D and AT200 tuner. That’s all. Coordination on and the discord channel

Something I am in the process of looking into personally to use but having other issues that I need to get online and work getting in the way it will come in the next couple of months. VK2DU

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