Fox Hunt – Sunday 14th Feburary

Fox hunt is on again, this time with a different fox due to my work commitments.

The hunt will be the same format, somewhere between Crossroads and Campbeltown along the M5 corridor, in a public space hidden down low or up high or maybe sowhere in between.

It’s not a race, it’s a bit of FUN to train your Amateur Radio Direction Finding skills.

Will start at 8:30am and be co-ordinated on the Fishers Ghost 70cm FM repeater. The Fox will again be 145.300MHz FM.

Let thge fun begin. Any question as always to info AT arrg DOT club

One reply on “Fox Hunt – Sunday 14th Feburary”

Just a quick question regarding the hunt. Will there be more than one fox and if so will at least one be at a power high enough to hear throughout a majority of the fox hunt area?

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