Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK Winlink Check-in’s.

Well what a week this was. Plenty of traffic on Winlink but only 2 check-in’s.

I have been asked by some, please don’t respond to all with long article’s or text and if you must remove the original text.

There are some who rely on HF Winlink with slower protocols like ARDOP to actually communicate with the outside world. Some say how in today’s connected society, but when cruising around the pacific you may only have marine radio and Amateur Radio so they use it to communicate with family and friends.

If you want to share, GREAT, everyone is interested in how other people are doing things and how to make it work for themselves in different ways. Put it up on your own website or a blog and send me the link, I will be happy to share it around to everyone on the list.

Well for me, it’s off to play Fox tomorrow morning 22/11/2020 in our local area on 2m, so we will see how that goes.

Keep safe and always have fun in your chosen Amateur Radio Area.

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