Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK Winlink Check-in 25/12/20 and 1/1/21

Well with some terrible issues with technology (Windows) seems I have sorted the problems out. Moved away from Winblows and we will see how this goes.

Not sure exactly what the issue was but it seems if you leave Winlink express running on telnet and windows running constantly after a few months it seems to make mail disappear or people just didn’t send any mail which I doubt.

Anyway back on track for this year, hopefully better than the last. I got myself a Christmas present of a Yaesu SCU-17 to connect to my FT-857d and go some more portable this year myself. I have a month of training to complete and then I get my free time back again to do as I please.

This last couple of weeks have been slow as to be expected as they both fell on Christmas and New Years days, so people got in early or late.

Love to get some links to activities that you have used Winlink in and how they have benefited from Winlink. I note VK1MIC has been active all over the place over this last month or so and I suspect we will see more from him.

As a club we have been active and struggling, we have the equipment ready, do you think we can get a frequency allocation to apply for a repeater license. We tried the WIA which failed. We went to several private frequency assignors, will to pay their fee and failed. I don’t understand why it is so hard to get a frequency pair in 70cm for a repeater. I could find a vacant pair and the site we have for the first one is totally clear of any other RF. We just don’t understand the problem.

If your in VK and know of a way to get Repeater Frequency assignments sorted these days please give us a shout.

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