USA Exam Session @ Wyong Field Day

WYONG Field Day Canceled

Subject to COVID Requirements and restrictions we will have a USA Exam Session at Wyong this year for an in person exam.

If you think you would like to have a go at Technician, General & Extra a good place to start is

You have to complete Technician first then if you pass attempt General and the same to do Extra.

People do the USA Exam for many different reasons with the simplest being to TEST their skill and Brain, to being able to operate remote USA stations and Travel(as soon as borders open again anyway).

If you would like to come along and have a go then you need to have a USA Postal address(plenty of options you just have to search for). They you will need to register for an FRN with the FCC in the USA using that USA postal address HERE

Once you have your FRN number and Postal address you will need to register at Hamstudy Linkfor the session, this is so we know who is coming, can use the computer grading system and have your USA callsign issued generally less that 48 Hours.

Any questions drop us an email at info AT arrg DOT club

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