Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK Winlink 2/4/2021

I have been slack and its for personal reasons, I haven’t even powered up my PC at home for over a month, I just couldn’t get motivated. I have struggled with Training assessment for TAEASS502 and really strange feedback for re-submission.

Having just powered it up now and getting through the backlog. I will post up details for just now and then will spend some time next week after Easter to catch up. I really should get someone to help me when I am not motivated.

I am going portable next week from the south coast of NSW and will have my setup with me to play some radio, I will jump up and check-in by RF myself and see how things are going. I am going to try the new ZL2SEA gateway and will report. Going to have some fun with some VKFF operation as well if anyone is interested.

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