Successful Foundation Exam

We had a very successful exam session at Appin with 1 foundation exam taken by a very enthusiastic young lady of 13.

Aurora is the daughter of our Treasurer, Nathan VK2FOX, having now passed her Foundation and just awaiting ACMA to progress the callsign data for the callsign/license. It’s also great to see another female getting into the hobby. It should happen more often.

Whilst this is not the youngest I have have conducted an exam for, that being 12, it is great to see that when the Youth are given access to Amateur Radio on a regular basis they will gain their license so that they can play radio like the rest of us, whenever they wish to.

Ongoing Youth access to Amateur Radio stations and active, capable mentors is very important for the future of this hobby.

AGE is NO Barrier, young or old Amateur Radio has something for everyone and this year ARRG are going to make a huge effort to seek out and mentor those young and old into Amateur Radio.

ARRG Are in the process of building our first Remote HF Station so that Youth such as Aurora can have free access to HF Radio in an ongoing basis to foster and grow the experience.

If you would like to get involved email – info AT arrg DOT club

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