Repeaters Info

Repeater locations to come on board over coming months.

We have sites being worked through to become digital MMDVM repeaters in these areas. Spanning the East Coast of Australia. Not just NSW. Our stated purpose is to provide MMDVM coverage from Rural Australia into our cities on as many digital modes as possible with freedom for the users to do as they need and please not control by someone else telling me what groups I can talk to and who I can’t.

* Hurstville in Sydney – Site Secured, Frequency Application in process, equipment sourced. – Ready to INSTALL. Awaiting WIA Frequency Allocation to be sent to ACMA.

* Western Sydney Basin, Several sites are being investigated at the moment with hopes that it will provide coverage for the south western and western parts of the Sydney basin.

* Mt Isa Qld, Site with already existing repeater, Frequency application to be submitted. Equipment to be sourced.

* Wepia Qld, Site being organised and finalised before Frequency application is submitted and equipment is sourced. This may not be a repeater it may be a high power simplex system, depending on the users.

* Bathurst NSW, finialising site and equipment with Frequency Application to be submitted very soon.

To be investigated sites that would suit our club members.

* Mt Canobolas NSW, this is to be investigated to see if we can find a suitable location for a 70cm MMDVM Digital Repeater that would provide great coverage for areas around there.

* Mt Gladstone, Cooma or Wambrok Trig sites to be investigated to see the options and coverage potential into the Berridale Area.


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