WIA Mag issues, finally answers.

In the national news today, the following item was to be published in full. However, a cut down version has only made it to air. I apologise to members for this.

Members will recall that last year the WIA Editor in Chief Harry VK6YBZ resigned due to ill health. Harry did a fantastic job at revitalising the AR publication with more technical articles for members to read. Harry is still in recovery but is gradually improving. Our good wishes go out to Harry, we wish him well. We hope he will come back and assist with AR Magazine at some time in the future.

At that time Harry when retired the WIA advertised in AR and on the national news service for three editors to replace him, but there were no resulting volunteers coming forward or putting there hand up to assist. President Greg VK2GPK took over the reins of the AR Publications Group and did an excellent job in production of a number of subsequent editions of AR Magazine including the January / February edition 2020.

Unfortunately, there has been no editions of AR magazine since that time. This is despite Greg’s assurances that articles were being compiled and promises to have the material to the publishing house by a specific date. WIA Board comments issued by Vice President Aidan on our National News Service have provided excuses such as Covid-19 but these excuses are without any real substance and the Board of the Wireless Institute of Australia apologises to the members for this.

There have been 2 very constructive WIA Board meetings held this week which dealt specifically with the lack of an AR Magazine being published. President Greg has indicated he is burnt out and in his own words has “fallen on his sword” on this matter. He has indicated that he is now not capable of delivering the AR publications by himself.

Accordingly, the responsibility for producing edition 2 of Amateur Radio Magazine has now been taken over by the rest if the WIA Board and the Publications Group and they and Greg are working feverishly to get this edition out. The board are very keen to hear from members that can provide editorial or proof reading assistance in this regard.

The Board of the WIA hereby undertakes to provide members with a weekly progress report through the national news broadcast service until editions 2 and 3 of AR Magazine are in the hands of our members.

Moving forward the WIA have now appointed a new AR Publications Group secretary.

The board are still seeking three editors to work on the AR magazine. We pleased to advise we have had some recent enquiries. But please forward your expressions of interest to the

Stay safe in this time of CoVID-19 and remember #2MetresMatters

73 de VK8ZZ
Peter Clee
WIA Director and Secretary

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