Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK Winlink Check-in’s for 2nd Oct 2020

Was an interesting week this week, busy and hot over the weekend and this early part of the week wet and blustery which caused internet issues for me. Annoying with out NBN 🙁 in Australia. I hopefully have fixed it, found the lose connection and dried it out, tightened it and put it out of the weather.

This week we had E51SEA Nigel (ZL1&ZL2SEA) check in from the Cook Islands on work. His normal QTH is Kaeo NZ. Great to see getting out there. And I will put it out there that if there is anyone you know Nigel that wants to get their license we can offer both USA and VK Exams remote from Australia.

Great to see some varied check-ins. Would be great to hear some travels where winlink played a part in the trip. I hope to be going portable myself in a few weeks and have some fun around the bands on the digital modes. I will put up some photos when the time comes hopefully.

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