Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK Winlink Check-in’s 9th Oct 2020

Well seems that Winlink is growing, Wade VK1MIC has made not that there is now a new Winlink Gateway in VK6 land, VK6EEE. We would like to thank Martin for this great service.

Also of note, E51SEA Nigel has noted that Winlink has been a great lifeline for him whilst he is in the Cook Is. working as the internet is not reliable. This goes to show that people take use of this fantastic service when in need.

I would love to be able to share some more gateway setups like VK4LM who have a great website. It might attract others to get involved.

Also this week we had some discussion on VARA protcol for winlink, whilst this might be the case for those who use Windows, those of us who don’t and travel with a minimial setup running linux or even raspbian on a Pi, this is not the case. It would be great if he would release it for this platform as well. Thoughts?

This weeks check-in’s.

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