Fox Hunt – 22nd November

A location has been chosen, known only to the fox, We will announce what repeater we will be on ahead of time and on the morning of the hunt a suburb will be given for the chasers to get start.

The area is in close proximity to the M5 corridor from Crossroads to Campbeltown. It is a public space and has available parking as you will need to find the Fox hidden somewhere.

If you want to join in make sure you send an email to info AT arrg DOT club so that we can make sure you know.

This will be a bit of fun but if there is interest in the new year we would like to run this as an ongoing challenge throughout the year as a competition.

Why Hunt hidden transmitters you might say? Well there has been even recently issues with transmitters getting stuck on or causing problems and to solve them Amateur Operators have had to locate them and speak with the owner is an unknown mistake or the regulator ACMA to get it sorted. It’s always a good skill to have, the ability to find a transmitter.

The other thing is, much like Geocaching, fox hunting can be fun for kids who might be interested in having a go AND you don’t NEED a license to participate as you are LISTENING to the Fox that is transmitting. Potentially a way to get more youth involved in Amateur Radio or at least foster an interest and keep new amateur’s interested.

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