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##Tips for non hams sending email to winlink users##

Winlink is a wonderful tool used by Amateur Operators around the world to send and receive email, especially when there is no other form of contact possible due to remoteness or infrastructure failure in their local area.

My last mesg sent out was a staggering “Bytes: 904” of 194 words, 1034 characters and this is considered a medium to large email.

Here are some tips outlined by Wade, VK1MIC on how people could send your winlink email from the outside world.

All emails should always be sent as PLAIN TEXT to reduce size

Attachments ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and make images much smaller than normal

Email subjects from non-Winlink address MUST contain //WL2k as the first characters of the subject to get through the tight spam filters of Winlink

Remember stations using RF are very restricted in bandwidth, limit reply all’s, and including historic non-relevant email trails as this adds data (and time) to the transmissions. In other words, reply to the sender but please remove the original email.

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