Fox Hunt 17th January 2021

Fox Hunt is on Sunday morning. We will be on the Fisher Ghost Repeater just before 8:30am to announce the more localised area of where the hunt is. Could be anywhere from Crossroads to Campbeltown along the M5 Corridor on one side or the other.

The Fox will be on 145.300MHz and will not start until 8:30am after we have all the check-in’s on who is having some fun out in the world.

Again, this is NOT a RACE and SPEEDING or breaking the Traffic rule is NOT allowed. We not going to police it, we have a state government department for that, I put it here so that it is CLEAR that we do not condene breaking the law in anyway and specifically tell people such to cover ourselves.

It’s for some fun. We had a great time on the last one, lets have some fun on this one and see how we go.

The Fishers Ghost repeater is;

Output: 438.650MHz
Input: 431.650MHz
CTCSS: 91.5Hz
Mode: FM

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