Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK Winlink Check-in’s 15th Jan 2021

Well another week, we have a new person checking, Martin N6QIR so at the moment some of his details are not there. As a new winlink user he is trying to get the handle of how it all works which is great.

Martin info as supplied “I am new to Winlink and trying to learn for Red Cross communication.
Equipment here is Yaesu 857D barefoot into 23′ Comet vertical antenna. QTH elevation 350′ asl. Currently Winlink express Windows 10 computer.”

Great to see new people getting involved. Just a shame we couldn’t get some more ZL/VK’s but it is what it is at this time of year.

For us locally in Sydney, Australia in VK2 land we are having a 2m Fox Hunt Sunday 17/01/2021 around southern Sydney. The last one we ran last year which was the first one we ran was a great success with everyone having fun. Updates will be posted on this website if your interested.

Would love to hear some stories of what your local activities are so that we can share them, even a link if you have them posted elsewhere. Everyone enjoys Amateur Radio differently. It is fun to see how different people enjoy amateur radio.

Not directly Amateur Radio related and very much not of much use for anyone outside of VK and maybe ZL as the entry requires SNAIL MAIL.

In Australia we have a commercial HF Radio network for travelers that aren’t as privileged and technically skilled as we hams are Hihi, this has been running for 27+ years in Australia. They have licensed commercial HF Frequencies, using commercial equipment like Codan. Why this might interest a few VK’s is that equipment can have a Free Tune which will allow licensed Amateur Operators tune up as they would on our HF bands.

Just thought people would like to know, go into the raffle if you wish and have a chance to win one for yourself. Click the image if your interested to go to their page.

73, See you all next week.

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