Winlink Checkin's Weekly

ZL/VK 29th January Winlink Check-in’s

Well the last week of January, the year has started interesting for those of us down under.

It’s great to see peoples setup and operating equipment. If you want to share your station, your activities how you use Winlink or adventures using Winlink drop it in your check-in email and we can share.

N0UYN Ben shared his station details;

For HF I have a IC-7300, MFJ 939 Tuner my antenna is a 90 ft random wire oriented just a few degrees off North-South. I have sent and received HF Winlink messages using Vara HF, ARDOP and Winmore when still supported. I have also had successful exchanges using Peer 2 Peer (P2P) the greatest distance using P2P was a station in Warren Co, Virginia at 1766 miles and a station in Vero Beach Florida and Radio Only (RO) a couple times.

For VHF my equipment consist of 3 old Motorola GM300 16 channel single band radios these have to be programed with a computer and a Motorola program. I use Packet with this thru the only RMS gateway I can reach. and UHF I have a Motorola Maxtrac 16 channel single band radio. It uses the same Motorola program to program. My antenna is a dual band Deseret J-Pole.

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