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ZL/VK Winlink Check-in’s 12th February 2021

Well it was another glorious week and some fine check-in’s, totally understandable people are getting busy again with life, especially Australia and New Zealand with things slowly getting more closer to normal than not. Seems like 2021 will be a much better year for all.

This week we had a couple of check-in’s and one late but as I am late getting to this with my work today I dropped it in 🙂

Can I just remind everyone and ask if people could put their check-in’s as laid out to make it easier and quicker for me, I can even do it while I am not here on my phone remotely.

call sign, first name, grid Sq, home/portable, gateway callsign, protocol used. additional information

The comma’s make the copy and paste of data so much simpler to manage as well as it all being on the one line like that.

We have a fox hunt this weekend in Sydney, see how that goes. See the website under Fox Hunt if your interested.

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