Fox Hunt 2nd Oct

With the exercise and gathering rules changed we are able to run a bit of out door exercise Fox Hunt. Only challenge is that you will have to live in Campbeltown LGA and must be fully vacinated. We won’t be asking or checking, as adults its your responsibility to follow the public health orders. Please remember if ask you may have to provide evidence to a police officer at the time.

So 8am on Saturday 2nd October it will start the same as always on the Fishers Ghost 70cm Repeater. It will be somewhere in central Campbeltown LGA, we will have to restrict the end gathering to 5 adults and keep our distance etc.

For those outside of the LGA, I am sorry but these are not our rules and as soon as we can it will be a bigger hunt for all. 🙂 We don’t like sitting at home either and some exercise is a wonderful thing.

Any questions info AT arrg DOT club

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