17th Oct Fox Hunt

As this are due to ease on the 11th October its time for some fun in the sun.

We will start at 8am as normal somewhere between Crossroads and Campbeltown along the M5 Corridor. Depending on the exact site a suburb may or may not be announced, think of it as a trial run for finding a real signal in the wild.

We are expected to be allowed unlimited exercise outdoors and 20 people in an outdoor gathering for fully vacinated. We won’t be asking your status, it will be up to you as adults should you be requested by authorities.

We start on the 70cm Fishers Ghost repeater;

Output: 438.650MHz
Input: 431.650MHz
CTCSS: 91.5Hz

It will be a multi fox hunt and make sure you have your attenuation sorted so you can find them.

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