Winlink Checkin's Weekly

26-06-2020 Weekly VK/ZL Winlink Check-in

Well after some technical challenges I have been able to get this sorted. Computers, who would believe they would give you trouble.

Check-in’s were low this week so I suspect people may have also had technical challenges.

Some extra info, Wade has a great thing going which I will be loading up and trying on my next trip away for some fun. Ben has some other Net information from the USA if people want to get involved. Give it a go if it interest’s you. More making sure your systems are working is always a good way to test RF Connections.

From Wade, VK1MIC “Additional info: raspberry pi using auto pat – give it the band you want to use and the range in km it should aim for (in my case 30km – 3000km) and it auto tried each station. 30w into a random elevated endfed in the suburbs.”

From Ben, N0UYH “Eastern Idaho USA
We have a weekly Winlink net that goes from 8 am Mountain Time USA Sunday at which time a instruction message is sent out to registered hams who respond by usually the following Monday by 8 am Mountain time
To register send winlink message to N7TMS, KB7ITU, K7GWA or WB7CJR requestion to be added to the list. “

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