Winlink Checkin's Weekly

03-07-2020 Weekly VK/ZL Winlink Check-in

We had a great check-in this week with some different gateways and protocols, its great to see that people are testing their equipment and gateways. We will be able to communicate when needed.

Neil M0KNC has been out there trying, using the Satellite over Europe in the past and this week a Swiss Station on 20m, great work Neil. Great to see an Aussie ex-pat having some fun on the airways.

VK4TMZ Mark has been out portable and his setup worked great for him into VK4LM which is a great site location and very well put together site for Winlink. He said “6m Vertical with manual tune loading coil. Portable setup worked perfectly.” Well done Mark and again thanks to VK4LM and those who set it up and keep it maintained.

Thanks to all the gateways that are out there, you are a great service to Amateur Community.


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