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Hurstville Repeater

Well you would expect No news to be good news. Well in this case, no news just means that NOTHING has happened and proved we have been wasting our time.

We have been waiting on Wia to sort out our frequencies for this repeater and to this point we have NOTHING. We have equipment ready, setup and tested to go and can’t do the final programing of frequencies to put it on the air.

We have decided that this is a JOKE of epic proportion and we will have to use a private frequency assigner to make it happen at $300 per pair per site cost.

This is not good news and we will have to work on making sure we raise the funds for this to happen. It is unlikely the repeater will be up before Christmas due to limited fund raising ventures and grants all being related to the current situation with sport and recreation taking a backseat at the moment. We will keep you informed.

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