FOX HUNT General Info

Fox Hunt – South Western Sydney

We are looking at starting up a 2m Fox hunt around the South Western parts of Sydney. The fox would be hidden in a local park in a suburb and from that Suburb information you would have to find it in some park or public space in the area.

The general area would be from Liverpool south to Campbeltown area and west to Warragamba. The suburb would be announced on a local repeater in the morning for people to start.

Check out this video for ideas on the type of fun to be had by all ages.

We might look at running one Sunday 22nd November?

All you need is a Handheld and a simple 2-3 element yagi, even a Tape Measure Yagi for a bit of direction finding. Easy to make, easy for kids to get involved and a great day out. We would even throw a BBQ on for Lunch time in the area.

If your interested give us a shout at info AT arrg DOT club



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