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ZL/VK Winlink Check-in’s for 30th Oct 2020

We had a slow week this week. Might have a lot to do with the fact that I forgot to send out to everyone last week.

One thing that has been mentioned, Please don’t reply ALL especially as some people rely on HF to collect their Winlink emails. This about them when you send a message. One reason I send a Link and not the whole message. They can chose when to view the site then.

A question has been raised about Pactor. Is any one using it and which versions? Now some tell me in the check-in’s which I put up, some don’t which makes it hard. Comes back to a setup show and tell.

I would love to be able to show and tell peoples setup on how they have Winlink working for them. This gives people ideas on what they can improve or change to make theirs better.

This weeks challenge is to explain in 100 words or less your setup for winlink.

I will start. My Setup is a FT-857d with a Z11-pro tuner, an old G4ZLP interface for CAT and Sound/Data, USB Sound card into a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running with the helpful KM4ACK Youtube channel instructions using my iPad via it’s wifi to interact with the setup. I can run FT8, JS8Call as well and PAT using ARDOP for Winlink. Would love VARA but for me this is not an option for my portable setup.

This weeks check-in’s.

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Rig:IC-7300, antenna longwire with LDG IT100 tuner.
Modem: PTC-IIe driven by pactor option on Pat Menu/ Raspi4.
VNC from laptop. Usually use VK3DPW for reliable connection.

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